Monday, January 28, 2013

Working instead of crafting

So, I actually had to work last week and only had 3 days off compared to the 6 I had off before my last work stretch.  This led to decreased productivity in my crafting (but I have to fund the fun somehow). :-P  I did eat well, however, and made homemade pizza with a pinterest pizza dough recipe (self rising flour and greek yogurt - not my favorite, but easy), banana muffins, and chicken/broccoli alfredo in the crock pot (I have tons to eat all week!).

Here's the latest on my projects:
Fish for my crib-sized quilt

3.5 rows and a boarder left
I'm on call tonight and back to work for most of this week and the beginning of next so big updates may be slow to come.  Next month's goals are more intellectual, so I may have to spend more time studying and less time crafting in the coming months. 2013 certainly started out with a BANG! :)