Sunday, February 5, 2012


I get so frustrated with my coworkers sometimes. I am reading "Kisses from Katie" about a girl who goes to Uganda after high school and adopts a bunch of kids and gets others in her new community fed and sponsored for school. The kids she is dealing with have NOTHING. Many have family who have died of AIDs or malnutrition or a curable disease. They barely get to eat. And the people I work with talk about how they deserve to get a raise or more money than time and a half for working overtime.  The people in Africa work so much harder to barely SURVIVE and we complain about $0.60/hr!  It makes me sick and frustrated! I want to enlighten people to how much they really have. How fortunate they are. I want them to stop complaining over the petty things they might not have. We have so much in this country.  We should be giving it away to others. Instead we hoard and complain that we don't have enough. I am equally guilty of this at times. But I do feel fortunate. And I often feel that I don't give enough away.  I have WAY more than I deserve. I live so comfortably. I always have enough to eat. I have an extra bedroom/bathroom with 2 beds!!  God, help me to find a way to share my wealth with those who need it. Help me find the words to enlighten others to their prosperity. In Jesus' name, Amen.