Sunday, January 6, 2013


So I'm not very good at this blogging thing.  I thought last year about writing about running, especially after I finished my first half marathon in November.  The writing never happened.  Other things came up to take up my time.  Today, I want to write about all my craft projects I completed in 2012.  I think this is a good place to catalog all my projects and track just how far I've come.

I always try to make some of my Christmas presents.  I feel they are more meaningful when they are homemade.  I made a Shutterfly book for my BIL, Dave, and a Shutterfly coffee mug for my sister in case she plans to go back to work, she can show off her kids.

I made this for my newest niece, Emma:

I had started it in October knowing she was on the way, but not knowing her gender (hence the blue and green). It is knitted from a Bernat pattern and I just LOVE how pretty and delicate it is.  It took many, many hours to complete.

For my secret santa, I created this:
It's a crocheted infintity scarf.  It turned out a little bigger than I planned.  I used a pinterest pattern I found online and made it in pink since Sara said that's one of her favorite colors.

For Becky, I made this:

I found the knit pattern in a magazine my secret santa gave to me.  I made it in orange because Becky looooves her Tennessee orange.  This also took many, many hours to complete.  Many of those hours were in Michigan while Michael practiced.

After Mom and Dad bought me a beautiful Amish quilt for my 30th birthday, I started to think about learning to quilt.  I decided it would be wise to start with something I thought I could finish successfully, and after receiving some awesome homemade gifts from coworkers for Christmas, I decided to return the favor with some potholders:

The one on the left is the first one I made and I gave it to my mom, because it was the first, and because it was rather obvious it was the first.  I still have some learning to do.  I neglected to take pictures of the other 3 finished products before sending them off to their new owners.  One went to Michael's mom and one to Kirstin and one to Jess.  

I just bought a sewing machine in the new year and I am already working on my first throw sized quilt top. It's going well so far.  Michael did not approve of some of my color choices.  I need some practice in that arena too.  I can't seem to stop working on it.  I already have 24 of the 35 blocks completed and one of 7 rows sewn together.  I also have almost completed another baby blanket that I am preparing for my next niece or nephew, since I know Angela and Dave are planning to have at least one more.  I have a knitted scarf started from the Hokie colored yarn my secret santa gave me.  Expect many more craft postings in the future!