Monday, January 21, 2013

This is what happens when I have so many days off...

I bought fabrics for my next quilt

I finished a blanket

and started another

On Sunday afternoon my sister came with her kids. 

I took them to Christian's Pizza for lunch.

Later that afternoon we went to the park. 
It was an unseasonably warm day (in the 60s) and MacKinzie loved to slide on the slides and try everything for about 10 seconds at a time on the playground.

This morning, we watched some videos
and learned to use a stethoscope like Doc MacStuffins.

Emma was all smiles when she woke up at lunch at Chick-Fil-A.
I learned a little about how challenging it is for moms to do things.  Especially with 2 so little and needy, my sister would have a VERY difficult time going out on her own.  I made sure she got a shower while I watched the kids and we ventured out together a few times.  She said that MacKinzie seems to have cabin fever at times since they've had to keep Emma away from germs and out of the cold.  MacKinzie has so much to learn, but such a short attention span. It was hard to come up with new things to do all the time, with a limited availability to toys she was interested in, which meant a video often went in the DVD player.  She is particularly mesmerized by Doc MacStuffins.  Some of the other shows she'll watch for a while and then just want to be on in the background.  I tried to keep it fun by going to the park, coloring, showing her how I make cookies, and reading books.  She found my stash of Hokie children's books and was particularly fond of "Hello, Hokie Bird". She is becoming very strong willed and broke down for no reason a few times.  She actually listens better to strangers than to her Mom at times.  All kids seem to behave the worst for their moms.  I'm amazed how well she communicates with just a few words.  It is a pleasure to watch her grow and enjoy new things.  

Emma smiles whenever you pay attention to her. She loves to be talked to and to coo in return. It'll be more and more challenging as she seeks to be entertained and MacKinzie's need to learn also expands.