Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poor Rocky

My parents have a keeshond that they got my senior year of college. He was the cutest little guy as a puppy and has grown to have such beautiful long soft black fur. At Christmas, we noticed he wasn't acting right. He wouldn't focus with both eyes and when I looked closely it looked like his left pupil was blown. He snapped viciously at my dad one day when we were trying to get him on a leash to take him out for walk which is not at all like him -- he is the gamma dog, last in line, very very submissive. He kept to himself most of Christmas weekend and was not his normal self. I have been communicating with my parents via email and it sounded like things weren't getting better. I talked with Mom on the phone last night and she said they had taken him to a neurology vet when he started walking in circles and the vet wanted to do a $4000 MRI. They could get several new dogs for that price or use the money for much  more important things so they declined. The MRI wouldn't necessarily tell them anything or fix the problem, so what's the use? The vet hypothesized that it could be an infection or a brain tumor, but that he is blind in the left eye and something is definitely wrong with his brain. He was on pain killers after a trip to the regular vet and is now on antibiotics and steroids. Mom says he seems to be doing a little better but the vet had said he may look better and then get way worse. So, Mom says he is basically home on hospice. Poor dog. I hope he goes comfortably and his misery isn't dragged on for too long. I wish for full recovery or a peaceful passing.