Friday, January 28, 2011


I have taken a renewed interest in the topic of motivation. It seems to pop up in my mind as a fascinating topic now and again. I think I was first aware of how interesting the subject is while taking my psych classes in nursing school. What is it that motivates one person to stop drinking/smoking/bad health behaviors but inhibits another from doing the same? How can we as health professionals influence a person's level of motivation? Now, as I think about the possibility of taking a certification exam and returning to school AND as I experience a lot of change at work, I have started thinking again about how curious a thing motivation is. Am I motivated enough to study on my own, pay for, take and pass the CCRN exam (sooner rather than later)? Am I willing to struggle and suffer through the classes and work required to get my masters?  And for work what is it that intrinsically motivates people to learn? I am on the education committee and people just don't seem motivated to learn more about the diseases we encounter or how to do their jobs better. How do I change the work culture enough to help people want to learn and not feel burdened by the information provided them? How do you help people take ownership and partner with you in something that benefits them even if it takes a little extra work on their part?  You know, I had always intended to look up more in nursing school on the topic of motivation and just never got around to it.  I'm sure there is tons of information and research out there. I guess I simply lacked the motivation.... :-P