Friday, January 7, 2011

Attempt at breakfast for dinner

I tried making breakfast for dinner for Michael on Wed night. He just laughed at me and my inept-ness. Pancakes and eggs are supposed to be easy...

Pancakes: according to the Bisquick package instructions with frozen blueberries (CSA blueberries added)
Eggs: scrambled with cheese

Result: The pancakes were a little undercooked (guess I didn't get the pan hot enough to start) and certainly not round in shape. The best part about them was the blueberries. Maybe real maple syrup would have helped?? The eggs were good, but I used taco cheese and Michael wasn't used to my methods so I believe he was less than satisfied. After eating 5 pancakes and 1.5 eggs, he moved on to his standard staple: cheese and crackers. I'm sure he was grateful, but he made fun of me at every turn. I'm not quite the expert cook. I'm hoping practice makes perfect. Attempting to make dinner for him and friends tonight from a RealSimple recipe. Can't go wrong with that, right?