Sunday, October 13, 2013


Lord, I pray this prayer for the United States. We have separated ourselves from you. Please forgive us and heal our land

I was inspired at church one Sunday to begin studying prayer in the Bible.  Starting with the word search "pray" on BibleGateway, here are some old testament prayers:

Genesis 20:
Abraham prayed for Abimelek

Genesis 24:
Abraham's servant prayed for Isaac's wife, Rebekah

Genesis 25:
Isaac prayed for his wife to become pregnant

Genesis 32:
Jacob prayed for his brother, Esau, not to kill his family

Exodus 8-10:
Moses prays for the plagues of frogs and flies and thunder and hail and locusts to end

Numbers 11:
Moses prayed for God's fire to stop consuming the camp

Numbers 21:
Moses prayed for God to take the snakes away