Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm a runner.

I had to tell myself this statement over and over when I first started. Without it, I always wanted to quit.  Now I'm training for my second 10 mile race (the Army Ten Miler to take place in October) and I've been running for 6+ years.  Unfortunately, I feel like I've slowed down. For my last race (the Richmond Half Marathon in Nov), I was getting 8:30 miles in while I was training.  Now I average around 9 minute miles. I wonder what I'm doing wrong. I worry it's because I was running with someone slower than me for a while - he improved, I slowed down. I need to get out and run with someone faster to push myself. I definitely need to get in some speed workouts and I've never figured out how to work weight training into my running schedule.  I mostly aim to run about 4 days a week while just walking the dog the other 3.  Trying to balance training and life can be a challenge, but it's worth it! Running helps keep my emotions (which are wild enough) on a more even keel. I feel healthier and better about myself when I'm running regularly.

This morning's 7 mile run was brutal. The humidity has been killer the past few runs, even without super elevated temperatures.  I've never been one to run with water, but I might need to start taking some on these long runs.  I took the dog for the first mile then brought him back home and ran the next 3 miles up to work (the hospital) and back.  There are some nasty hills between here and there. Some days they seem easier than others. Today's run was a rough one.