Monday, June 24, 2013

Exploring new recipes

In the past week I have been doing quite a bit of cooking.  Some of the produce I got from my Horse & Buggy Produce delivery included Swiss Chard and zucchini and I had to find a use for them.  Pinterest has become my go-to for finding new recipes. I just type the ingredient I want to use into the search and something good usually pops up.  That's how I found this recipe to use my Swiss chard.  At first, I thought it tasted too green, as if I should have put more cheese in it. But the flavor grew on me and it has made a great appetizer for my salads.

I then had to find something to bring to the PICU cookbook release party.  A friend suggested I make bread even though I didn't have any bread recipes in the cookbook.  A pinterest search for zucchini turned up this recipe. My only alterations were using regular flour and vegetable oil.  The cheesiness of this bread was fantastic and I would certainly make it again!

Last night, I pulled some taco meat out of the freezer and realized I only had 2 store bought tortillas left.  I decided to try another pinterest recipe.   These also turned out well, but I know they are NOT healthy because I know how much butter I put into them.

This morning has me trying to make sandwich bread from my sourdough starter.  It is very satisfying to watch it rise and know that my starter is alive and active and it amazes me how adding some salt, flour, and water can yield something edible.