Saturday, January 18, 2014

Back again

I let the holidays slip away and I am WAY behind on posting. I have a lot to catch up on: good food and projects!  My Life Group met this past Thursday and we shared our 5 goals for the year.  Mine were:
1. Learn more about investing (and do it)
2. Be a better friend (aka be more involved in people's lives and less isolated)
3. Intentional Bible study - not just a check box on YouVersion
4. Connect with family weekly
5. Make my giving more personal (I hope God will reveal to me needs in those around me)

The group started me off with some great resources for starting my learning on investing.
One couple encouraged me to take advantage of the resources available from USAA.
Another directed me to this site:
They also sent out this article which I find super inspiring:
I would love to have my home paid off and to live off the interest I am making on my investments. That truly is my dream, although I don't know enough about it to make it happen. Hence the need for learning!