Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

I celebrated my birthday at the beginning of the month. I decided that since in the past I've taken the day off of work and been disappointed with how it turns out, that I would work. I went to a PNSO event in the morning, chaired my Practice/Quality group in the evening and then worked night shift. I brought cookies to the meeting and I had friends who also brought cookies and cupcakes to celebrate.

The next day was beautiful and I went cider and wine tasting with my friend Meagan. We checked out Bold Rock cider (which is actually pretty good) and went to Pollock (my personal favorite).

 I was blessed in the gift department, as well. In October, I had been home and my mom got me a cake transporter and some other useful kitchen nick-knacks.  My sister sent me my favorite tea and a mug rack I had been wanting.
Michael sent a VT zip-up sweatshirt and my Secret Santa at work also got me a cute VT shirt!
I had borrowed Meagan's waffle iron a while ago and she got me one of my very own! It made great sourdough waffles I ate after our day of wine tasting.