Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekly food update

I was inspired by my homemade pizza date during the opening day of college football season (and I had leftover sauce to use). I chose to make this pizza from Kroger dough mix, Trader Joe's sauce, pepperoni, snack peppers from my produce delivery, and onions and cheese.  I think I like the Trader Joe's dough we used the prior weekend better.

With the rest of my produce delivery (including corn, potatoes, and onions), I was inspired to make a potato and corn chowder.  I modified this recipe (I left out the celery) and cooked it up Sunday afternoon while I was napping for work. It made a LOT of soup, so I froze some of it hoping it will be good in another week and I won't have to overload on soup.
 A large zucchini also made it's way to  my house via my produce delivery.  I found a recipe on pinterest for zucchini cakes and decided to try them. I ate them with more of that Trader Joe's pizza sauce. I can't say I was impressed enough with them to make them again, but they were worth a try.