Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quilting, eating and reading

I finally finished the fishes top

and I started on another quilt top made from a jelly roll.
I'm not quite satisfied with the colors at the moment and might buy another roll to match the colors up differently.

I've also had some cooking successes. A friend said that an easy way to make BBQ chicken is just to put it in a crock pot with a container of BBQ sauce. SO easy! And pretty tasty.  I got 5ish meals out of it! I also found a pinterest recipe for cauliflower poppers which were actually very delicious!  I still crave more.
For some reason I decided to adventure into making sourdough.  I set out a starter (2 cups of flour, 2 cups of water and a packet of yeast) for 3 days and my first two loaves turned out great! I ate more than half a loaf the first day (with cream cheese and cheddar cheese and apple butter an plain and as a roast beef sandwich)!
And of course I'm reading. I'm reading for church and for life group and for an online hermeneutics class.  When I don't get called in for my on call shifts I just sit and read. :)
That's my life lately! Pretty solitary, but thoroughly enjoyable!