Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Earthquake Story

I was laying in bed sleeping in between shifts.  I probably heard the rumbling, felt the shaking and the dog coming out from under the bed all at the same time. It's hard to explain my thoughts. At first I thought the shaking was just the dog coming out from under the bed, but the shaking continued. Then I noticed the rumbling. It sounds like a train going by. I couldn't understand why the sound was so loud. Then I tried thinking of other things that might make that sound and cause the bed to shake (tornado?). I wanted to dismiss earthquake immediately because I live in Virginia of all places. But the more I reasoned it, that was all that made sense and the shaking was over. It seemed like it had gone on for quite a while. I went out to my living room heart pounding wondering what to do and needing validation of my experience. I saw the blinds still swaying in my kitchen and living room and a picture I had set on my ancient box tv had fallen off. I called Michael and asked where he was. He sheepishly said he was in the Taco Bell drive through. I asked if there was an earthquake and he said he thought so but his first thought was that something was wrong with his car b/c it started shaking really badly.  I sent a text to Angela who said she felt it and then tried calling Mom. I couldn't get through because the phone lines were busy by then.  I am looking forward to hearing what it was like at the hospital today. I can't imagine being on the 7th floor during that and I'm thankful I was at home. I bet the shaking/swaying was much worse up there.  I don't like earthquakes. I hope I don't have to experience many more.